Your Cost Control Partner

The faster the response – the lower the cost

Response time is critical, especially with the destructive impact of water and the resulting microbial growth that begins soon after. With 24/7/365 support, AIR can dispatch professionally trained and certified personnel and equipment from throughout Southern New England from our three branch locations. By getting to the property quickly, we can contain delay-related expenses. Some examples:

1. Planned containment zones save money

In nearly every project, there is the potential for encountering, and having to handle, hazardous materials. We plan ahead of time how to deal with these hazardous materials so that the procedures are performed as efficiently as possible — saving both time and money.

For instance, when we encounter asbestos fibers in a plaster wall, and know that we have to remove another wall or ceiling in the same area, we don’t plan the job with multiple starts and stops. Instead, we establish one containment zone and remove all hazardous materials at the same time. This reduces mitigation expenses, that saves the insurance company money, and allows us to complete the job faster, which makes everyone happy.

2. AIR board-up methodology prevents subsequent damage

Most companies will use stock 4×8 plywood sheets and begin quickly screwing them in front of doorways and over window openings – penetrating siding, moulding, sheathing/insulation and sometimes even wiring and plumbing – all of which require significant repairs.

AIR on the other hand, only uses the US Fire Administration’s recommended practice for board up. It requires cutting the plywood to the door/window opening size and sandwiching it with 2×4 braces using round-headed lag bolts. We secure it from the inside, leaving a secure and tamper-proof installation that leaves the window, moulding, siding/sheathing and mechanicals of the building intact and unharmed.

3. Restoring the “unrestorable” saves memories and money

After a fire or flood, almost all contents in a building are affected in some way. With technologically advanced equipment, AIR is able to restore both hard and soft contents and even electronics. AIR uses ultrasonic cleaning technology to restore soot covered hard goods such as fine china, porcelain, crystal and precious metals to their pre-loss condition.

AIR is also the only firm in Connecticut restoring soft goods like leather, and nearly any fabric, using the Esporta washing system. The Esporta can restore 85% of soft contents that are normally written off during a disaster, saving precious contents for the owners, and the undesirable settlement assessment work (and dollars that go with it) for insurance companies.

On top of that, AIR can even wash electronic equipment such as TVs and computers and guarantee their operation for 90 days while also removing the odors that result from contamination.

These examples are just some of the ways we help our customers reduce costs, preserve items through restoration and accelerate job completion times while exceeding customer expectations.