American Integrity Restoration Sponsors Self Defense Training for Realtors and Property Managers

June 14, 2017

In May, AIR was pleased to offer a situational awareness and self defense class to local realtors and property managers.   A huge thank you to Officer Barao from the Glastonbury Police Department and David Keeney and crew from the Greater Hartford Bando. We hope this training will provide valuable, life-saving lessons for Property Managers and Realtors.  Officer Barao was able to teach us some ways to avoid or prevent sticky or dangerous situations, and Dave Keeney and crew were able to teach us how to physically protect ourselves when and if the need arises.  It was a fun and informative night!  We have been lucky enough to be able to offer many learning opportunities to the public and the people we serve.  Some of our recent trainings have been on the topics of Hoarding and legal issues surrounding hoarding, OSHA Lead and Asbestos Awareness and Elderly Protective Services.  Follow us on Facebook to see what classes are in store in the future.

Check out our video from the Situational Awareness and Self Defense class: 

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