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Restoring your environment

It’s a fact. Even the most well-maintained homes and facilities will have unexpected failures. When the unexpected occurs and first responders are dispatched, many well-known restoration companies in the market may immediately show up to your property, uninvited. They are interested primarily in one thing: a profitable, emergency clean up.

AIR doesn’t chase emergencies, we are invited on site. Our compassionate, professional technicians quickly get to work with the emergency clean up and carefully begin contents inventory documentation and pack out. Contents are then processed and packed for storage while we begin reconstruction. AIR not only offers a total restoration solution, we stand behind our work with an industry-leading 5- year guarantee that is unmatched anywhere else in our market. We will only conduct our work in a way that gives us the confidence to provide this type of warranty.

“When my bathroom flooded downstairs to the kitchen walls, your careful examination resulted in just a couple of holes drilled in the back of my cabinets, to allow for the drying of the walls behind the cabinets, backsplash and countertops. Your competitor who could not come out for a week to begin work explained to me how my entire (freshly remodeled kitchen) was going to have to be ripped out. Thank you, AIR!”

– Jerry Helming, Milford, CT.

Biohazard Disinfection & Decontamination

The clean up and decontamination of property from biohazards of any type, such as bloodborne or otherwise communicable diseases is not a ‘do it yourself’ task. The specialized equipment, licensing and certification for just the transportation of the waste material itself, is something that only a licensed company such as AIR can safely do.

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Using proven methods and technology for drying and decontamination, we address the root cause of any given loss, and, if structure based, we resolve it, period. We do not approach every loss with a sledgehammer. We will carefully review the damage and look for ways to most quickly and efficiently put your property back in your hands with as little disruption or downtime as possible.

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Restoring your environment means a lot more than just clean up. Once a space is carefully mitigated of all damage from the cause and addressed to prevent foreseeable re-occurrences, AIR returns the environment to its pre-loss condition. AIR employs experienced estimators and project managers who manage both employee tradesmen and specialist subcontractors to ensure the most timely and effective resolution to the loss that has occurred.

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Residential Contents Cleaning

Customarily, the contents that are present during a loss are written off without much discussion or effort beyond inventory and valuation. Depending on insurance coverage, the occupants may be left salvaging whatever they can on their own. At our Glastonbury, CT facility, our contents restoration staff is capable of restoring heirlooms, clothing, furniture, artwork, and electronics from water, soot/smoke, even raw sewage contamination, and for a fraction of the replacement cost. We receive contents from losses we are not involved with otherwise, due to the unique promise that our specialized lab represents for reclaiming that which would ordinarily be discarded as unsalvageable.

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Property Board-Up, Temporary Weatherproofing & Securing

When a structure fire is finally out, or the storm has passed, it’s imperative that breaches made in structures by firefighting, wind damage, or the forced entering of premises, are boarded up, tarped and in some cases, fenced–in order to secure the site. AIR can provide all of these services, 24/7/365.

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