The critical initial response

Reducing your loss is our goal

Mitigation work usually occurs as a result of some emergency—a pipe or sprinkler bursting, flooding from rains or blocked drainage, groundwater seepage, fire, ice damming, and wind damage being the most common of sources. Regardless of the source, AIR is equipped with 24/7/365 resources to immediately dispatch, mobilize and begin containing the cause of your property’s damage – anywhere in Connecticut, Western Mass and Rhode Island.

Customers can rest assured knowing that our initial response mitigation technicians are thoroughly background checked and cleared. Further:

  • AIR on-boards all new hires in compassionate and polite customer interaction training, given that they are a first responder to damage and high-stress environments.
  • We follow up with customers to ensure that their impressions of our staff and our work are as good as we expect them to be.
  • We have long-term relationships with our technicians. We invest in their training, certification and licensing to ensure that all associates responding to a loss are able to maximize the effectiveness of the effort being applied in response to the damage that has occurred.

Attention to Detail

There are plenty of shortcuts that contractors can take to quickly complete a job with the highest profitability—even when serving the savviest of homeowners and insurance adjusters. While we pride ourselves on our rapid response, we will never shortcut established protocols, and we formally address and correct the root cause of the loss. Because we are a comprehensive restoration company, we know that the success of the rebuild is largely due to the validity of the mitigation work. And, since we guarantee our work for an industry-leading 5 years, we will not leave anything to chance. In fact, AIR is commonly invited by insurance adjusters to conduct additional mitigation work on an initial response provided by a competitor, in order to ensure that the property can be correctly restored for the long haul.

Proven Science & Technology

AIR prides itself on maintaining a staff of fully trained and certified professionals. We will safely work to secure any breaches to the property (from installing tarps and security fences, to boarding up windows) and begin stabilizing the site with the necessary equipment. Our techs are certified to ensure that our response is appropriate and prevents further consequential damage from microbial growth, a particularly common issue when water or sewage emergencies are not handled properly.

Hazardous Materials Remediation/Renovation

We’ve always found it ironic that for all the ‘air play’ that lead, asbestos, and mold get, very few people can tell us who their trusted partner for the safe removal or remediation of these dangerous contaminants is. AIR is certified and licensed for lead renovation, mold remediation and asbestos remediation. Quite frequently, a loss at a typical older New England property requires the addressing of an asbestos floor, ceiling, or roof while we are making other repairs on site. Once again and seamlessly, AIR is there with expertise and expediency.