Protective gear, Uniforms and Accessory cleaning

Restoring what you never knew could be

AIR has invested in the technologies and employee training and certification that make it one of the foremost contents restoration authorities in the country. By carefully qualifying, testing and selecting the right restoration technology partners, we have assembled a world-class restoration services laboratory where we tackle some of the most challenging cleaning and restoration tasks. And just like our mitigation and reconstruction work, our contents cleaning work is completely guaranteed to be effective or you will not be charged.

AIR specializes in the cleaning and restoration of the following contents categories:

  • Soft goods: Patented, hydraulic action that thoroughly cleans uniforms, turnout gear and other large soft leather or fabric items from any contamination including hazmat and biohazards.
  • Hard goods: Ultrasonic cleaning of metals, glass, plastics for various equipment, even firearms.
  • Electronics: Disassembly and cleaning using deionized water and controlled drying for items such as 2-way radios, defibrillators, laptops, tasers, flashlights and other first response gear that are exposed to contaminants during their use.
AIR Fire fighter turnout gear cleaning video

Soft Goods-Turnout gear, Uniforms, Accessories

What used to be a badge of honor, a firefighter’s sooty, dirty turnout gear, is now a recognized health liability to anyone exposed to it after its use in a fire. Several studies are available documenting the links to firefighter cancer rates and diseases related to contaminated turnout gear (a.k.a. “Bunker Gear” or “Firefighter PPE”).

By utilizing our Esporta Wash System®, firefighter turnout gear can be safely cleaned in compliance with NFPA 1851 standards and returned to service unharmed. The nature of Esporta’s patented hydraulic washing action does not subject the gear to the kind of wear associated with mechanical action washers and extractors.

This cleaning action helps to extend the heat resistance and overall life expectancy of the ensemble and more importantly, the firefighter wearing it. We also offer the required inspections and repairs of this gear, per NFPA 1851, to back up our promise. At AIR, even leather contents such as helmets and boots are able to be cleaned and restored.

Trust AIR to clean, deodorize and fully decontaminate uniforms and accessories soiled in the line of duty.


Hard Goods

Based on the same technology used in medical and precision industrial settings, AIR’s ultrasonic staged cleaning system enables us to clean and restore hard goods of nearly any composition — from police enforcement weapons to brass and woodwind instruments. These items can be cleaned from contamination from both normal use and tarnishing as well as severe fire/smoke/soot contamination, and be sanitized for use in any food services environment.



Contaminants from regular use in first response environments, or heavy exposure from acute events such as a fire can translate into costly replacement of mobile electronics like 2-way radios. AIR has the ability to affordably disassemble, clean, sanitize and dry electronics. Further, we guarantee the asset’s pre-loss working condition for 90 days, utilizing our unique deionized water wash bays and drying chambers. Retiring heavily contaminated electronics is now a practice of the past, given this unique alternative.