Residential Contents Cleaning

Restoring what money can’t replace

AIR has invested in the technologies and employee training and certification that make it one of the foremost contents restoration authorities in the country. By carefully qualifying, testing and selecting the right restoration technology partners, we have assembled a world-class restoration services laboratory where we tackle some of the most challenging cleaning and restoration tasks. And just like our mitigation and reconstruction work, our contents cleaning work is completely guaranteed to be effective or you will not be charged.

AIR specializes in the cleaning and restoration of the following contents categories:

  • Soft goods: Patented, hydraulic action fabric cleaning
  • Hard goods: Ultrasonic cleaning of metals, glass, porcelain/china
  • Electronics: Disassembly and cleaning using deionized water and controlled drying
AIR Contents Cleaning Video


Soft Contents

Yes! We can clean it! Utilizing the Esporta® Wash System, nearly any soft contents, from teddy bears to leather boots to bedding to athletic or first responder uniforms – even soot filled bunker gear for firemen – can all be cleaned of nearly any contaminant. Damage from smoke, sewage, biohazards, mold or other microbial sources can be removed from soft contents, restoring even the dirtiest of items to food-grade bacteria levels. We achieve cleanliness that’s not achieved with conventional technologies used elsewhere in the cleaning/dry cleaning industries. In addition to Esporta, AIR has its own portable ozone equipment to remove odors from porous/soft items impacted by nearly any contaminant.

Sporting goods and uniforms

Bacteria and fungus from sweat are known to be destructive to clothing and uniforms and can potentially have adverse health affects on their wearers. Football, hockey and lacrosse uniforms, band uniforms and many other student or school-owned garments are consistently the dirtiest and most unpleasant of equipment.

To fight the ill effects of severe odors and skin infections from the fungus and bacteria present in athletic gear, Canadian engineers (who happened to be parents of hockey players) were inspired to invent the Esporta wash system which thoroughly cleans even the most soiled gear, and returns the fabrics to food-grade bacteria levels—guaranteed. AIR is a Certified Esporta Operator, working in compliance with all manufacturer and material washing protocols. Download our Sporting Goods & Uniforms Case Study.


Hard Contents

Based on the same technology used in medical and precision industrial settings, AIR’s ultrasonic staged cleaning system enables us to restore hard surfaces of nearly any composition including porcelain/china, stainless steel, silver plating, copper, glass and crystal, even brass and woodwind instruments—all can be cleaned from normal use and tarnishing to severe fire/smoke/soot contamination, and be sanitized for use in any food services environment.

Instrument cleaning

Anyone who has ever played a woodwind or brass instrument is familiar with the “green slime” that exists in any of these instruments. While we may be thankful for their discipline to practice their instrument, we can bet that most musicians do not have the discipline to conduct a suitable and adequately thorough cleaning to prevent this inevitable build up and byproduct of playing these instruments. AIR’s oversized ultrasonics system can tackle the most clogged and tarnished instruments and return them to a level of clean you never thought possible.



Contaminants from regular use in first response environments, or heavy exposure from acute events such as a fire can translate into costly replacement of sensitive electronics like 2-way radios, computers, monitors, even televisions and small home appliances. AIR has the ability to affordably disassemble, clean, sanitize and dry electronics. They will be clean and safe to use and will not contribute to any lingering odors. Further, we guarantee the asset’s pre-loss working condition for 90 days, utilizing our unique deionized water wash bays and drying chambers. Automatic discarding of heavily contaminated electronics is now a practice of the past, given this unique alternative.