Healthcare Providers

Your partner from start to finish

From sprinkler head bursts to biohazard clean up response, at small walk in clinics or large, residential skilled nursing facilities, AIR quickly mitigates the loss as well as the curiosity factor. Patients and staff never need a reminder of our presence on site. By focusing on efficient and effective ways to clean up a loss at a healthcare facility, we minimize overall impact while ensuring the best results. We work feverishly to minimize resident disruption and relocation, while remaining steadfast to the established protocols for, and science of, proper mitigation. Our project managers and teams work with the facility’s administrator and facilities management to coordinate a seamless integration of AIR associates to quickly resolve any outstanding causes of the loss, clean up all signs of the loss, and restore the property to pre-loss condition.

Your Property and Patients are Our Utmost Concern

Responsiveness is crucial in times of disaster to help reduce the extent of the damage. Regardless of the location of the loss throughout Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Western Massachusetts, with one call to AIR on our central phone number, we are able to leverage real-time GPS and traffic data to dispatch the nearest and most available technicians and equipment from any of our three branch offices. This enables us to dispatch our initial response to your property as soon as possible—24/7/365.

You know your patients. We understand the setting.

AIR Contents Cleaning Video

How we do our job is as important as the effectiveness of what we do. Through a close collaboration by all team members with facilities management and administration, AIR can almost always find a less intrusive way to get the work done on site—increasing facility availability/uptime, while protecting the health and safety of all involved. Our biohazard certified technicians can also provide guidance on various anti-microbial surfactants available for use at the work site during the clean-up stage. These solutions offer total decontamination and have a proactive residual effect that prevents the spread of infectious diseases.

We Work the Way You Do

Given the sensitive nature of healthcare, your patients’ privacy is non-negotiable. We have more certified technicians than our competitors, and all of them have passed thorough background checks. Any subcontractors we utilize are scrutinized to the same standards—no excuses.

Specialized Contents Recovery

Commercial property disasters usually have less to do with the emotional trauma of sentimental losses and more to do with the loss of sensitive paperwork and uptime. AIR is able to restore not only the property but the contents of the facility including affected linens, equipment and devices. With electronics washing and drying stations, as well as document restoration, soot covered computers and monitors can be cleaned and deodorized for use immediately after a loss to regain traction after an event that creates a disruption. Even paper files that have been soaked through can be carefully restored to preserve critical, highly sensitive information like patient medical records.

PrepAIR for the Unexpected

For select customers, AIR offers its PrepAIR service, which includes a physical walk through of your property to identify and mark critical shut-offs that may need to be located by otherwise unaware personnel during the time of an emergency. This is information is confidentially stored at AIR, so that beyond your own emergency planning, when the call comes in, our project coordinators on the phone can, for example, guide the caller through shutting off the source of the water leak to help reduce the extent of the damages. Click the box on the right to find out more and if you qualify for this offer, or click here to download more information.

Additional services that we commonly provide to healthcare facilities include handling biohazards and decontaminating property from known risks and also for preventative measures.