AIR never preys on loss

We play by the rules. Homeowners are frequently referred to AIR for compassionate, professional service in times of loss. AIR is frequently invited to the scene by the homeowner to assist with stabilizing and securing the property based on a reference from insurance agents, adjusters and emergency response personnel. Compared to companies that prey on vulnerability, AIR upholds standards of behavior and service that respect all parties involved. From the very first person that you come in contact with at your home s/he is background screened and cleared. We quickly conduct our work as if your home were our own, and stand behind it with our industry-leading 5-year warranty.

Further, damaged sentimental belongings that are regularly discarded by our competitors can usually be reclaimed using our cleaning technologies and highly trained expert staff. AIR can quickly restore belongings that would ordinarily be difficult to determine values for, and usually impossible to replace.

Your Loss is Our Responsibility

Regardless of the location of the claim, whether in Connecticut, Rhode Island, or Western Massachusetts, one call to AIR on our central phone number and we leverage real-time GPS and traffic data to dispatch the nearest and most available technicians and equipment from any of our three branch offices. This enables us to dispatch our initial response to your home as soon as possible—24/7/365.  Our on-call technicians are dispatched within minutes of the call and we arrive onsite promptly. Our teams are trained to recognize and compassionately manage the stress and grief that these events can create.

We’re There Through the Claims Process

Most homeowners are not experts in the insurance claims processes, and are traumatized at the time that we are invited on site to assist. We are trained in compassionate response techniques to reduce the stress you are experiencing. We will patiently explain (and re-explain if necessary) how the process works, and err on the side of over-communication as it relates to ensuring that you are aware of the upcoming steps and any actions required by you. AIR is most commonly deployed from the initial response all the way through reconstruction, providing consistency, accountability and continuity throughout the restoration project for all involved.

Experts at Managing Expectations

AIR Contents Cleaning Video

One complaint in the process, regardless of who or why, is one too many. We pride ourselves on following insurance restoration protocols, and explaining to those suffering the loss how the process works. This education, which takes place at the initial loss response, reduces the stress and guesswork that many homeowners may go through after a loss.

We Work the Way You Want Us To

We respond quickly to ensure that the consequential damages related to a loss are minimized by quickly initiating mitigation and recovering contents that can be restored. This yields a faster time to close out the claim, and lowers your overall effort by reducing or eliminating contents valuation and replacement efforts.

AIR Speaks Insurance

Our estimators and project managers are all trained and work in a synchronized, connected fashion with the claims management systems of the major insurance carriers and their administrators. Our streamlined estimating processes makes AIR an industry-leading restoration contractor not only because of the way we do our work, but because of our efficiency and the time it takes to return your home back to normal. Learn more about how we work with insurance professionals.

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