Insurance Professionals

AIR never preys on loss

We play by the rules. Insurance professionals rely on AIR for compassionate, professional service in times of loss. Whether by phone or claims management system notifications, AIR is referred to the property owner by agents, adjusters and emergency response personnel to assist with stabilizing and securing the property, post-event.

Further, insurance companies favor AIR once they realize that, on average, 85% of contents that are regularly discarded by our competitors after a disaster can be reclaimed using our Esporta Wash system, our ultrasonic system and electronics wash and dry systems. This unique capability speeds the turnaround of the insurance claim while increasing customer satisfaction. This is particularly true with the reclamation of sentimental items (wedding dresses, quilts, stuffed animals, etc.) which are difficult to assess value for, and usually impossible to replace from the perspective of the insured.

Your Customer is Our Responsibility

Regardless of the location of the claim, throughout Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Western Massachusetts, with one call to AIR on our central phone number, and, leveraging real-time GPS and traffic data, we engage the nearest and most available technicians and equipment from any of our three branch offices. This enables us to dispatch our initial response to your customer as soon as possible—24/7/365.

We’re There Through the Claims Process

Insurance restoration service requires familiarity with the protocols of carriers and administrators. AIR is there from the initial response all the way through reconstruction, providing consistency, accountability and continuity throughout the restoration project for the carrier, agent, adjuster, and the insured. This results in a shorter time to claim settlement, and increased customer satisfaction.

Experts at Managing Expectations

One complaint in the process, regardless of who or why, is one too many. We pride ourselves on following insurance restoration protocols, and explaining to those suffering the loss how the process works. This education, which takes place at the initial loss response with the property owner and throughout the restoration, reduces customer stress and inquiry burdens on the carrier, adjuster and agency involved. Everyone can focus solely on the work at hand, and the timely and complete resolution of the claim.

We Work the Way You Do

We respond quickly to ensure that the consequential damages related to a loss are minimized by quickly initiating mitigation and recovering contents that can be restored. This yields a lower loss ratio, a shorter time to close out the claim, and lower overall effort by reducing or eliminating contents valuation and replacement efforts.

AIR Speaks Insurance

Our estimators and project managers are all trained on and use Xactimate 28, can access the most up-to-date and reliable pricing information, and can quickly sketch complicated roofs from aerial photos. Our streamlined estimating processes makes AIR an industry-leading restoration contractor not only because of the way we do our work, but because of our efficiency and turnaround times for settling outstanding claims.

In addition, we are integrated to carriers and TPAs through XactAnalysis, a full-cycle claims analytical and reporting tool available in the property insurance industry. As claims flow through its network, XactAnalysis constantly monitors the data to hold AIR in compliance on all protocols, reports on progress, and benchmarks our performance.

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Insurance professionals: Below is a helpful sheet for homeowners experiencing a property loss.

Download: What to expect after a loss

In extreme weather conditions over extended periods of time, response times can be delayed if you rely on restoration contractors with finite networks. As a member of DKI, the largest contractor network in the US, AIR is capable of pulling in expertly trained resources from similar companies outside our region, to help ensure a timely and professional response, in any conditions.

Download: AIR / DKI Partnership Summary