Property Managers

Your Partner from Start to Finish

Facility uptime and occupancy rates are paramount. Having a solid partner from the time of the initial problem through to a completed restoration is key. AIR prides itself on the expediency, expertise and, equally important, the effectiveness of our response. We dispatch our own employees who are all background searched and cleared. They are self-directed experts in mitigation who quickly get to work immediately upon arrival. We leverage a wide source of equally- scrutinized subcontractors in specialized trades relating to reconstruction, and we function as a single point of contact for the entire scope of work authorized at your property.

Your Property and Occupants are Our Utmost Concern

Responsiveness is crucial in times of disaster to help reduce the extent of the damage. Regardless of the location of the loss throughout Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Western Massachusetts, with one call to AIR on our central phone number, we are able to leverage real-time GPS and traffic data to dispatch the nearest and most available technicians and equipment from any of our three branch offices. This enables us to dispatch our initial response to your property as soon as possible—24/7/365.

We’re There Through the Claims Process

Should your loss exceed the deductibles involved, the building owner and/or tenants may need to file a claim with their insurance. A challenge with many commercial properties is the mix of tenants and their individual insurance carriers and policy coverages under one roof. AIR is a licensed and heavily insured contractor, and we are already on the supplier/vendor lists of most major insurance carriers. Coordinating the authorizations, deductibles, coverages and complexities of handling these scenarios is one of the main reasons why major commercial property owners and managers prefer AIR and prefer that their tenants select us as well. We will work to establish clear lines of responsibility amongst the various parties involved on a particular property loss, and help resolve confusion between individuals that inevitably arise from losses at commercial properties.

We Work the Way You Do

Leveraging our technician pool size and our three offices throughout the region, we respond quickly to ensure that the consequential damages related to a loss are minimized by immediately initiating mitigation while recovering the contents that can be restored. Further, in times of widespread or intense catastrophic damage in our service area, AIR can reach out to fellow DKI members outside the effected area to reduce wait times without reducing quality. Click here to read more about our DKI partnership. By containing the spread of the loss and the extent of the damage, more of your property and tenants can stay operational after the loss and during reconstruction.

Specialized Contents Recovery

AIR Contents Cleaning Video

Commercial property disasters usually have less to do with the emotional trauma of sentimental losses and more to do with the loss of files and data. AIR is able to restore not only the property, but the tenants’ contents. With electronics washing and drying stations, soot covered computers and monitors can be cleaned and deodorized for use immediately after a loss to regain traction after an event that creates a business disruption. Even paper files that have been soaked through can be carefully restored to preserve critical information like blueprints and medical records. Learn more about our contents recovery capabilities.

PrepAIR for the unexpected

For select customers, AIR offers its PrepAIR service, which includes a physical walk-through of your property to identify and mark critical shut offs that may need to be located by otherwise unaware personnel during the time of an emergency. This information is confidentially stored at AIR, so that beyond your own emergency planning, when the call comes in, our project coordinators on the phone can, for example, guide the caller through shutting off the source of the water leak to help reduce the extent of the damages. Click here to download more info or click on the box to inquire about qualifying for this offer.

“I recently was introduced to AIR. After meeting with them and touring their main facility, I was confident that this was not your typical restoration company. I added them to our vendor list within a couple weeks of our initial meeting. Almost immediately after that, a property adjacent to one of ours was completely destroyed by fire, significantly impacting one of our branch location’s ability to operate. The guys from AIR were quickly on site, assessed the damages and put a plan in place. They did a great job with cleaning and restoring the damages, allowing us to open ahead of schedule and minimizing customer impact. AIR exceeded our expectations. Thank you, AIR!”

David St. Amant
Facilities Manager, Jones Lang Lasalle /Webster Bank