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AIR is Running for Reason for Glen Delton, at the Applefest 5k on Sunday October 15, 2017
17 Jul 2018

AIR is Running for Reason for Glen Delton, at the Applefest 5k on Sunday October 15, 2017

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Please consider joining Team Hot AIR on Sunday October 15th at the Applefest 5K, to run in memory of Glen Delton, a friend, father and husband whose short battle with inoperable Esophageal and Stomach Cancer came to an end last Thursday October 5, 2017. Glen grew up in Glastonbury  and he and his wife Kelly and their 3 kids reside in Hebron.

Glen was diagnosed this past January with esophageal cancer and during his surgery in June to remove the tumor and resect his esophagus and stomach, he was also diagnosed with inoperable stomach cancer (peritoneal carcinomatosis). Glen and his family worked with doctors from St. Francis in Hartford (where his wife Kelly works), Dana Farber in Boston, a specialist in Houston, and Memorial Sloan Kettering in NY. Glen was recently part of an Immunotherapy medical trial at Sloan Ketterling in NY hoping to find a cure for this terrible disease. He was recently back there due to complications.  He came home Friday September 22nd  to be surrounded by his family and their love.

Prior to his January diagnosis, Glen was seemingly healthy, only complaining of some difficulty swallowing. He was running 30 miles a week!

Each year we at AIR run to honor and raise money for a family that is facing a medical and/or financial hardship. This is our 7th year “Running for a Reason,” and we would love it to be our biggest and best!

We can only imagine how trying, exhausting and sad these last 9 months have been for the family. We as a company and a running team are hoping to raise money for the family to help pay expenses and keep them on their feet. We all know how costly medical bills can even when we are healthy. Glen’s hope was to also raise awareness for esophageal and stomach cancer.  He had to specifically request the endoscopy due to his age and health, and not being “at risk” for this…they told him his swallowing issues were due to anxiety.

“When we are good we are great, but when the news is bad it is devastating.” ~Kelly, Glen’s wife.

Written by his wife Kelly in early September:
Our treatment days are usually 12 hours or longer, including travel, appointments and treatment. We are thankful for our family watching the kids and friends in town for transporting our children to and from their sporting events or we would never be able to pull this off.  We have been told that this is a much slower treatment then chemotherapy, but the long term goal is for the cancer to be completely eliminated from his body. As long as Glen’s cancer does not progress we can stay in this clinical trial for up to two years or until the cancer is gone!

Through all of this we can find a couple of positives. Glen and I have found that our love and strength for each other is unbreakable – even stronger now that we have a battle to face together. We have always known how wonderful our family is, but in a time like this you are shown how important it is to have people close to you to rely on, to give you a shoulder to cry on, to sit on the back deck and have a drink with, to force you to get out just a little when you really just want to hole up in your house and get through this. And we have found that this little community we chose to live in 10 years ago is amazing. People we have known forever, people we barely know and strangers have offered thoughts, prayers and help. The congregational church we don’t even belong to sent Glen a prayer shawl that he wraps in almost daily. Teenage children in town have come up to Glen in public to ask of his well-being, showing us the amazing children we are raising in this town. It is all so very touching!

We question every day why Glen is going through this, but it is our hopes that Glen’s struggle and future cure will help others. A recent survey at Memorial Sloan Kettering showed most patients fear being involved in a clinical trial, Glen is proving that there is nothing to fear only a cure to be gained. Glen believes that he can use his story and his involvement in the Clinical Trial to help others, that the he will be part of the solution to getting immunotherapy’s approved and available for all cancer patients, and that the research gained from this clinical trial will aid in the cure of cancer for all in the future. 

Even if you are not a runner, please consider donating to the family (ever $1 counts towards helping them). Checks can be made out to Kelly Delton and mailed to Allegra Weir at American Integrity Restoration, 60 Village Place Glastonbury, CT 06033.  All money raised goes directly to the Delton Family.

With Glen having been an avid runner, we could not think of a better fit for our annual “Running for a Reason” at the Applefest 5k. Register to run with Team Hot AIR to honor Glen’s memory, via: https://angryorchardappleharvestfestival5k.itsyourrace.com/register/

Or visit the CT River Valley Chamber of Commerce website at: http://www.crvchamber.org/apple-harvest-festival and register for Team Hot AIR by following the 5K links.

Any questions can be directed to:
Allegra Weir
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860-657-2100 x304

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