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American Integrity Restoration is Running for a Reason 2016

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For our 6th year in a row, we at AIR, are “Running for a Reason.”  On Sunday October 16th the Connecticut River Valley Chamber of Commerce (formally Glastonbury Chamber of Commerce) Applefest 5k is occurring.  For every team member of American Integrity Restoration’s Team Hot AIR, American Integrity Restoration donates $10 to a special family or cause.  This year we are supporting 4 year old Emma

In 2011 we raised money for a special Mom and friend who was battling Stage IV Colon Cancer

In  2012 we donated to a widow in Glastonbury who had 3 boys, ages 6 and under after her husband suddenly passed away from heart attack

In 2013 we donated to a dear family whose husband/father suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury following a bicycle accident

In 2014 we supported a Cromwell Mom/teacher and her family as she suffers from life altering and disabling effects of Lyme Disease

In 2015 we raised money for AIR’s own Chris’ sister-in-law Nora, who is battling Stage IV Colon Cancer.

 This year our $10 per runner donation will go to support a young 4 year old’s mission to raise awareness and fund services and education for people with Craniosynostosis.  Emma is a smart, vibrant little girl who has a congenital condition called Crouzon’s Syndrome, craniosynostosis being a symptom of the diagnosis. Emma and her family formed Team Emma to raise funds for her to participate and Walk in a fundraiser called Paces For Faces, which will occur 3 weeks prior to the Applefest 5k.  All of our donations will go to Team Emma.

Crouzon syndrome is a genetic disorder characterized by the premature fusion of certain skull bones (craniosynostosis). This early fusion prevents the skull from growing normally and affects the shape of the head and face.

Many features of Crouzon syndrome result from the premature fusion of the skull bones. Abnormal growth of these bones leads to wide-set, bulging eyes and vision problems caused by shallow eye sockets; eyes that do not point in the same direction (strabismus); a beaked nose; and an underdeveloped upper jaw. In addition, people with Crouzon syndrome may have dental problems and hearing loss, which is sometimes accompanied by narrow ear canals. A few people with Crouzon syndrome have an opening in the lip and the roof of the mouth (cleft lip and palate). The severity of these signs and symptoms varies among affected people. People with Crouzon syndrome are usually of normal intelligence.

Emma’s dad Drew grew up in Portland, with Allegra Weir who has known Drew since childhood. Allegra and her husband Steve own American Integrity Restoration. Drew is a Middletown firefighter and Monique is a pediatric nurse at CCMC where Emma has already had two cranial surgeries and will likely have more as she grows.

Please encourage your friends and family to go to the Chamber of Commerce website (http://www.crvchamber.org/) to sign up as a participant on Team Hot AIR. Each year we aim to raise the most money for the selected family and just by clicking on Team Hot AIR, an automatic $10 donation is given to Emma and her cause. Come join us!! Let’s have the largest team again and raise some money to put a smile on a precious 4 year old’s face.

Source: http://1callair.com/american-integrity-restoration-running-reason-2016/ 

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