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Tuesday, 17 July 2018 02:34

How to Prevent Frozen Pipes

 Avoid a Very Cold, Time Consuming and Messy Disaster 

How to Prevent Frozen Pipes This Winter


 Why Pipe Freezing Happens

Water expands as it freezes, which puts tremendous pressure on the pipes that transport it,  including metal or plastic pipes. No matter the “strength” of a container, expanding water can cause pipes to break. Pipes that freeze most frequently are those that are exposed to severe cold, like outdoor hose bibs, swimming pool supply lines, water sprinkler lines, and water supply pipes in unheated interior areas like basements and crawl spaces, attics, garages, or kitchen cabinets. Pipes that run against exterior walls that have little or no insulation are also subject to freezing.

A big THANK YOU to our awesome AIR employees  who brought in 55 pounds of non perishable food items the week leading up to Christmas.  The food was donated to Hebron Interfaith Human Services in Hebron, CT.  HIHS provides food and other services to families in need in Hebron. 


Source: http://1callair.com/air-employees-donate-55-pounds-non-perishable-food-item-hebron-interfaith-human-services-christmas-holiday/  

Last week, during April vacation, AIR CEO and founder, Steve Weir, and his 15 year old daughter went on a Mission Trip to Appalachia with a small group from their church. Over the course of the week they worked as a smaller team of 6 (3 adults and 3 teenagers) on some construction projects at a home in need of rehab. They built a floor in the kitchen, fixed a hole in the roof, and built a drainage ditch. This mission was done in conjunction with Gilead Congregational Church and Appalachian Service Project.

Mission trip 2017 -10Mission trip 2017-11Mission trip 2017-5Mission trip 2017 -6Mission Trip 2017 - 9Mission Trip 2017 - 7Mission trip 2017 -8Mission trip 2017 - 4Mission trip 2017 - 3Mission trip 2017 - 2Mission trip 2017 Mission trip 2017 - 1

Source: http://1callair.com/air-ceo-founder-steve-weir-daughter-help-appalachia-april-break/ 

This was the 4th “Shark Tank”, put on last night in partnership by the CT River Valley Chamber and the Glastonbury High School Entrepreneurship Business Class. During the semester, students created a product and business plan, then pitched to the “Sharks”. American Integrity Restoration CEO, Steve Weir participated as a mentor to 2 students during the semester. Congratulations to all the students who took on this challenge!

Source: http://1callair.com/air-ceo-mentors-glastonbury-high-school-business-students-4th-annual-shark-tank/ 

Thursday May 25, 2017 – Steve Weir, CEO of American Integrity Restoration presented our annual Construction Management Scholarship to Glastonbury senior, Dylan Rolfe.  Dylan is pursuing a degree in Construction Management and he embodies the characters of commitment and integrity.  These are qualities that we look for in our scholarship recipients, as well as within ourselves and our employees. Both Steve and Dylan are Eagle Scouts, which is further evidence of commitment, dedication and skill acquisition.  We should never stop learning and bettering ourselves. Congratulations to Dylan and the rest of the Class of 2017.



In May, AIR was pleased to offer a situational awareness and self defense class to local realtors and property managers.   A huge thank you to Officer Barao from the Glastonbury Police Department and David Keeney and crew from the Greater Hartford Bando.

We hope this training will provide valuable, life-saving lessons for Property Managers and Realtors.  Officer Barao was able to teach us some ways to avoid or prevent sticky or dangerous situations, and Dave Keeney and crew were able to teach us how to physically protect ourselves when and if the need arises.  It was a fun and informative night!  We have been lucky enough to be able to offer many learning opportunities to the public and the people we serve.  Some of our recent trainings have been on the topics of Hoarding and legal issues surrounding hoarding, OSHA Lead and Asbestos Awareness and Elderly Protective Services.  Follow us on Facebook to see what classes are in store in the future.


American Integrity Restoration to Host Disaster Preparedness Workshops and Open House

Glastonbury, CT – In honor of National Preparedness Month, American Integrity Restoration, LLC (AIR) will be hosting our second Disaster Planning and Preparedness Workshop and Open House event on Wednesday, September 27, 2017 from 10-3 PM. The event if FREE and certificates for attendance will be provided to attendees.

Special THANK YOU to Greg Anapol of AIR for the hard work his team put into renovating the space. ~Kristin Serra, Director and Sue Fornabi, Assistant Director of Bright Horizons at Village Place

Please consider joining Team Hot AIR on Sunday October 15th at the Applefest 5K, to run in memory of Glen Delton, a friend, father and husband whose short battle with inoperable Esophageal and Stomach Cancer came to an end last Thursday October 5, 2017. Glen grew up in Glastonbury  and he and his wife Kelly and their 3 kids reside in Hebron.

Winter Safety

With the Northeast States being hit by Storm Brody today there are many safety tips to consider.  How to prevent winter fires should be high on your list.

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